'Forbes' List of Highest Paid TV Actresses

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We know there are several lists of highest paid actors, actresses, singers, and whatever other labels of status and money in Hollywood. When it comes to the highest paid actress on TV, that list topper is Sofia Vergara who brought in $19 million for the year! Beyond Modern Family, she made money from endorsements from Diet Pepsi, Cover Girl and Kmart. 

Kim Kardashian had to settle at number 2 on the list. Kim's money comes from many sources that include reality TV, she guest starred on Drop Dead Diva, her fragrance line, family stores and clothing lines. Did we also mention that she made $18 million off her wedding with Kris Humphries.

Others on the list: Eva Longoria, came in at #3 with $13 million. Talk show host Bethenny Frankel at #4 with $12 million.


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