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Forbes' List of Highest Paid TV Actors

If you're the star of a good TV show then you will be paid well, and in some cases - very well! Just ask Ashton Kutcher who is the top paid actor on TV.

According to Forbes, the list of top paid guys on TV start with Kutcher who racked in $24 million - this due to his role on Two and a Half Men.

The big surprise is that a lot of the guys on the list are making a comeback who have had big hits on TV in the past such as Ray Romano with $18 million, good for third on the list. While Tim Allen bought in $14 million good for sixth on the list.

The top nine are as follows:

1. Ashton Kutcher, $24M

2. Hugh Laurie, $18M

2. Ray Romano, $18M

4. Alec Baldwin, $15M

4. Mark Harmon, $15M

6. Tim Allen, $14M

7. Jon Cryer, $13M

8. Patrick Dempsey, $12M

9. Jason Segel, $8M

9. Jim Parsons, $8M

9. Johnny Galecki, $8M


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