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Food Network's "24 Hour Restaurant Battle" Fast and Furious

Food Network’s new primetime competition series, 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, premieres Wednesday, July 21st at 10pm ET/PT.

Hosted by renowned chef Scott Conant, owner of Scarpetta and Faustina at the Cooper Square Hotel, each one-hour episode features dueling teams who must conceive, plan, and open their own restaurants in 24 hours. On each team, one person handles front-of-house issues like décor, seating, and service, while the other manages back-of-house matters like menu planning, shopping, and cooking.

When the doors open, each restaurant serves a group of diners along with Scott and a rotating panel of judges. Based on the restaurant’s concept, execution, and viability, the judges choose a winning team who receive $10,000. For more information visit:

The 24 Hour Restaurant Battle is a sure-fire hit. The season premiere has two interesting families competing for the money. Two teams, one dream and just 24 hours to make it happen. The mother/daughter team is intense, with the daughter, Rachel, taking out her stress on her mother, Jane. (I have to admit she scares me). The other team are two brothers who are much more relaxed and less intense. I was hooked straight away. This is a great show and definitely a must-see.

Be sure to tune in Wednesday, July 21st, at 10pm ET/PT to see who is going to win the prize of $10,000.


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