Top 10 Hilarious Stories From Jose Canseco's Reddit 'Ask Me Anything'


Former MLB star Jose Canseco demanded money for autographs, screamed profanities at fans, and even threatened to shoot a neighbor's dog, according to Reddit users who overwhelmingly expressed disgust and disapproval towards the ex-slugger during his recent 'Ask Me Anthing' session.

The following posts, part of the aforementioned Q/A Canseco did with his adoring fans on Reddit, offer an inside look into the controversial star's life.



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Laszerus - Actually just created a Reddit account just to post in this. Been reading forever, never felt a need to post until now.

When i was 12 years old I live in San Ramon Ca in the house directly above your condo (Canyon Lakes Country Club). I lived with my Dad and we saw you on a regular basis. You regularly came home, probably drunk, at 1am in the morning honking your horn and revving your engine to let the entire neighborhood know that your self entitled pompous ass was home. I was out walking my dog one day and it barked at you (probably because she knew you were human scum) and you threatened to shoot 'that godamn dog if it doesn't shut up'. You said that to a 12 year old.

Suffice to say, your complaints were heard by someone and the police came and threatened to take the dog from me, a 12 year old boy whose parents had just gone through a terrible divorce and whose dog was literally his only friend in the world. My Dad had no choice but to find a new home for my best friend and gave her away to a good family without even warning me (he knew I would freak out, and did). I never saw her again. I still to this day have never forgiven my father for doing that, or you for causing it.

I only hope the one day you realize what a horrible human being you have been and how poorly you have treated those around you and live with that guilt until you die lonely and miserable.


kinoflo -Jose, you were a huge dick to me when you came into Joe's Crab Shack in Tempe, AZ in 2006. You came in at our closing time and demanded that you and your group be seated in an already closed down section of the restaurant. We all stayed for you to finish, which took hours, because we had to close down again. You were rude the entire time and very demanding. You were wearing a baseball uniform and had two skanks on your arms that you would make not-so-sly remarks to about the crew/food/service/whatever. I lost any respect I had for you that day and don't have any questions for you.

Edit: I will ask a question to satisfy IAmA guidelines: Why are you such a dick?

Thank you for reddit gold!


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LBKosmo - I was at an Angel's vs. Athletic's game in Anaheim, CA when I was 10 years old and during practice before the game I asked you to autograph a baseball. You then asked me, a 10 year old child, to pay you $20 for the autograph. Were you always this much of an asshole towards children and baseball fans?


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NYKyle610 - Jose, someone in another thread from /r/baseball posted this story about you earlier. Can you confirm this happened, and what was your reaction? What made you feel that you could cut lines just because you were a professional athlete?

True story. About 15 years ago I was in the Mall Of America with my brother and we decided to eat at Hooters on the 4th floor. In the Hooters there are some "windows" in the dining area that are open to the mall's hallways of the 4th floor. My brother and I were waiting to be seated when some guy cuts in between the two of us and says something like "I don't need to wait in line." Then a hostess comes and says we can seat ourselves. My brother and I sit on one side of the room, and this douchebag sits on the other side. My brother and I are looking at him and going, "shit, he looks familiar." Then my brother is like, "Wait! That's Jose Canseco." The Rays were in town to face the Twins at the time. I was like 'damn you're right.' We need to confirm, so we asked our waitress, "Hey, is that Jose Canseco over there? Cause he was an asshole in line." And she goes, "you know what, he was an asshole to me too. Let me go find out." She comes back after investigating and goes, "Yeah, it is Jose Canseco. How cool!". So my brother and I realize we're alone in thinking this guy is a douchebag (the waitress said he was an asshole but then thinks it's cool that he's there?) So we devise a plan to flip him off as we leave (I was 14 at the time, my brother was 21). I'm in, let's do it. So we eat, and as we're walking out we're getting ready to flip him off. But my brother chickens out at the last second. But I'm like 'fuck this, I'm doing it.' So we're walking out, through the mall past those open windows and I go, "Hey! Jose Canseco!" And he looks over at me and I go, "FUCK YOU!" and flip him off. Then my brother and I quickly got on an escalator out of there. He was my favorite ball player as a kid. A shame to find out he was douche (at that age, anyway). tl;dr: I told Jose Canseco to fuck off after he barged his way through the line at Hooters.

This story was spoken by /u/steinamo


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justaverage - Hi Jose, During your career with the Oakland Athletics, you guys would come to a little town called Yuma, Arizona where the San Diego Padres held their Spring training camp to play a 3 game series. This was the late 80s and early 90s, and both rosters had some truly amazing players, such as yourself, Tony Gwynn, Mark McGwire, DennisEricksonEckersley, Ricky Henderson, etc. Yuma is a shitty little town, and still is, but for 3 days in March each year, me and my friends (aged 8-12 during this time frame) LOVED it. We got to watch our idols live, in a real ball game, for just a few bucks each game. Hell, even the Boys and Girls club would take us for free a couple of years.

On to my question. Why were/are you such a huge dick? I can vividly remember trying to charge kids $60 for your autograph, after standing in line forever before batting practice. $60 is no small amount for a 10 year old, and was even a greater amount of scratch 25 years ago. In comparison, the A's paid you the following amounts during your "prime"...

·         1989 - $1.6 million

·         1990 - $2.0 million

·         1991 - $3.5 million

How do you justify charging pure fans for your autograph? These were 10 year old kids, not businessmen running a sports memorabilia shop who were going to turn big profits off of your John Hancock.


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mmortenson11 - Jose, you once asked your twitter followers for a pro-Bono attorney for help getting your chandeliers back. What ever happened with this?

jc7264 - nothing they kept my chandeliers the law sucks ,I should have burned that house down.shit maybe I


justahunk -Top of Form Hey Jose, I was your biggest fan back when I was a kid. My dad took me to Camden Yards for my birthday when I turned 12 in 1990 and we got there four hours before the game in the hopes that I could get your autograph on my Oakland A's cap.

After an hour or so, you came up for batting practice! We waited patiently for you to get your swings in, and then you came behind home plate, right where we were waiting. You walked right up to where I was, and I told you it was my birthday and asked for your autograph.

You snubbed me so you could flirt with two underaged blondes.

Luckily, Mark McGwire came by later. He signed about 200 autographs, then headed back to the dugout. My dad yelled "Mark, it's my son's birthday, could you do one more autograph?" He walked all the way back, signed my hat, and wished me a happy birthday to boot.

No question. Just wanted to let you know that I'd be much more interested in an AMA with Mark McGwire than an asshole.


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LBKosmo - I was at an Angel's vs. Athletic's game in Anaheim, CA when I was 10 years old and during practice before the game I asked you to autograph a baseball. You then asked me, a 10 year old child, to pay you $20 for the autograph. Were you always this much of an asshole towards children and baseball fans?


harshrewind - I saw you this summer in Worcester, MA stumbling around wasted at 9 in the morning...was your time with the Tornadoes that bad?


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blizzardveers -I have to be honest, I don't care about your baseball career or the steroid allegations.

I just want to know what you were thinking when you accepted the fight with Hong Man Choi for the Super Hulk Tournament in DREAM at 44 years old with no professional fights to your name. That has been a really weird thing to me for long after I watched that. I didn't/still don't understand why you chose to accept THAT fight.

What was your gameplan going into that, try to keep the distance and wear him down with kicks?

Are you planning on making another foray into MMA, or was that one appearance good enough?

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