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"Florida Man" Twitter Account Chronicles Stories of World's Worst Superhero

Today’s world is full of stories about crime, but one person on Twitter is trying to turn these stories into something to laugh about.

If you read news online, you have probably come across stories titled, “Florida Man [Insert Crime Here].” While these are often unsettling crimes, one person made a Twitter about “Florida Man” being a terrible superhero.

The Twitter account’s creator was inspired by a Reddit post which called “Florida Man” a bad superhero. Soon, an account called @_FloridaMan was invented, where a collection of authentic headlines chronicling the misadventures of Florida Man were posted.

It is run by simply looking up “Florida Man” stories and posting them on Twitter. It’s resulted in a stream of disappointing stories about crimes committed by Florida men. But some of the tales are actually more amusing than harrowing.

In the most recent posts, “Florida Man” was “Waiving Handcuffs and Sex Toys at Convenience Store Customers,” trying to “Use Taco as ID After His Car Catches Fire at Taco Bell,” and had a “Sex Toy in His Rectum After Being Arrested for Rear-Ending Another Vehicle.”

Some other highlights include “Florida Man Shoots Himself in Crotch with Flare Gun,” and “Florida Man Arrested for Having Sex with Miniature Donkey.”

The account has now made everyone who reads a story about a Florida man think of the failed super hero.

Though this type of super hero could actually be named after any city, like “Los Angeles Man” or “New York Man,” the results of a Google search for “Florida Man” are often funny crime stories.

It’s this hilarity that resulted in the “Florida Man” twitter garnering 16k followers and counting. The bio states: “Real-life headlines about the world’s worst superhero,” and has collected 41 tweets in just a few days.

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