Fleetwood Mac to Tour in 2012


Fleetwood Mac founder Mick Fleetwood confirmed to Billboard magazine that the band will reform in 2012. Two weeks ago, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham told fans that he “wouldn’t be shocked” if the group got back together for an album and tour.

Fleetwood told Billboard: “We’re so disorganized as a band. All we know is we’re working next year. I’ll get a phone call that we’re going to start rehearsing, usually in a blind panic because we leave everything way too late. But we’re all up for touring in the early summer of next year, I think, and once we start we’re much like U2 and the (Rolling) Stones in terms of workload. We basically play until no one wants to book us anymore.”

Buckingham, who's currently on the road promoting his new solo album 'Seeds We Sow,' added: "There has been nothing, no time frame yet of any kind. We're just gonna have to wait until probably the first of the year to sit down and figure out some kind of schedule for that."

"The (Unleashed) tour was the only tour we've done, ever, where we didn't have a new album," Fleetwood said. "So we actually had a ball really delving into our portfolio of songs and pulled out a few songs that weren't necessarily super, super well-known, and to us they felt like new songs. We got refreshed in terms of the way we present our music, and (the fans) loved it."


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