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Reality Rap Star Flavor Flav Opens Fried Chicken Restaurant

It is not really that surprising that Flavor Flav opened a restaurant. I mean, lots of celebrities think they can make money at a place, and of course they want to be able to eat for free, especially when they are visiting Clinton, Iowa. Yes, for some reason, Flavor opened his brand new restaurant in Clinton, Iowa. Also probably going against all good advice, he opened it right next door to a KFC.

Nothing against Clinton, Iowa, but it just does not exactly seem like the place Flavor Flav probably envisioned when he was thinking of opening a place. One thing is for sure, though, I bet he wears the most clocks out of anyone in the town. As for the food, Flavor says it will knock your taste buds out of the house. So, if you are ever in Clinton, Iowa, stop by Flav's place.


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