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First Picture of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green's Baby

Four months after giving birth, the sexy “actress,” Megan Fox, and her husband, Brian Austin Green, offered up the first glimpse of their new baby, Noah.

In a picture that perhaps took a bit of sneaking and a lot invading of privacy, the paparazzi were able to snap a picture of baby Noah. The picture, taken while Green and Fox were vacationing in Rio de Janeiro, shows Green on a balcony showing off his baby. The baby seems to be pouting his lips, obviously preparing for a world that puts a lot of importance on profile pictures and social media, and Green seems to look upset, which leads me to believe that he looked at his filmography.

This being the first pic of Fox and Green’s new child, we haven’t really heard much about Noah aside from the fact that motherhood has transformed Fox:

“The whole thing has been overwhelming because I didn’t realize you could love something so much, and I know people always say that but I love him so much it hurts,” Fox said in December, “and it’s an interesting feeling to have because I never felt that before.”

It seems like everyday a new celebrity baby is making their picture debut, but it helps fill the empty spaces of Hollywood news.


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