First Photos of Elusive Graffiti Artist Banksy?


It is one of the great mysteries of the art and pop culture world: Who is Bansky? The British graffiti artist has never been photographed, until now, possibly.

A man believed to be Banksy was caught working on a piece of art in Santa Monica, California that is believed to have been done by him.

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Wearing a pulled-down green cap, the man climbed a ladder to the top of the old container on the side of a highway in Santa Monica on which was written, "This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant."

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Banksy is known to return to his works and photograph them; this man had a camera with him.

Banksy's film "Exit Through The Gift Shop" was nominated for best documentary at the Oscars (it lost). Leading up to the ceremony, several of his works had popped up all over Los Angeles.

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