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Firefox Plugin Rids Internet of Justin Bieber

If you’re not a fan of Justin Bieber or are just sick of seeing his side-swept hair all over the place, the nifty folks over at have a little something for you.

The new Firefox plugin they’ve developed hopes to rid Justin Bieber’s photos and mentions from your web viewing experience... completely!

On their page, they describe it as a “bookmarklet, Firefox add-on and inline code to clean up those lower regions of websites from Bieber mentions.”

He does get mentioned a lot, and we’ve been culprits in his scheme to take over the lives of every tween imaginable. But do you hate him that much to install a plugin to rid yourself of the Biebz?

Once installed, the plugin places a blue and black box over all mentions of Justin.

Check out the video here.

What do you think? Too much? Or do you wish they would make other plugins, possibly for unwanted crotch shots from heiresses and socialites?

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