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Fired by Julie Chen? Leah Remini Says Goodbye to Fans of 'The Talk'

Leah Remini will not be returning to the daytime television series, The Talk.  If you ask her why she responds by saying that they decided not to renew my contract.

There are rumors that Julie Chen may have something to do with who will be returning and who won’t be returning – her husband runs CBS – but Leah remains tight lipped.

Remini said good bye to her fans in a heartfelt message,

“Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to you, our fans, for your support. You tweeted your booties off. You FB’d. You made videos. You made shirts.  You contacted other celebrities to help you. You did radio shows. You made videos for us.  You connected with each other. You wrote letters. You even put our names (Leah & Holly) on your nails. You stayed up all hours of the night petitioning to keep Holly and me on The Talk. I have never felt so much love from a group of people I have not personally met. I am honored and humbled to have your undying support.

The show meant a lot to me. It is not easy to get a show like this up and running. It was hard work; I don’t think I have ever worked so hard in my whole career! lol”

To read the entire message click here.


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