Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Mike Tyson and Scary Movie 5 Castmates Spoof the Erotic Thriller


The Fifty Shades of Grey movie hasn't even hit theaters yet and it is already being spoofed. In the newest installment of of the Scary Movie series, Scary Movie 5, Mike Tyson and the cast put their own little spin on the erotic thriller.

In Scary Movie 5, Jerry O'Connell plays Christian Grey and Ashley Tisdale plays Anastasia Steele. As Grey tries to seduce Steele he finds himself in a precarious situation involving whips, chains, hot wax, goats and Mike Tyson.

“Prepare for a night of unparalleled passion,” O’Connell tells Tisdale after blindfolding her with a red mask. “Your safe word is . . . deeper.”

As O'Connell is about to have his way with Tisdale, Tyson appears from another room.

"Golly, thanks for working on my prostrate like it was a speed bag,” Tyson says.

“I was surprised by your performance as well," O'Connell replies. "Not bad for a washed up, overweight, facially tattooed . . .” Tyson punches O'Connell before he can finish, to whic O'Connell replies, "do it again” before he is seen hanging in chains in the next scene.

Featured in the trailer for Scary Movie 5, O'Connell can be seen spanking Tisdale causing her to trip into a gong and then a cabinet. The cabinent opens and two goats appear wearing leather, whips and chains.

Scary Movie 5 hits theaters April 12.


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