Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie: Luke Bracey or Alexander Skarsgard To Play Christian Grey?


Now that Charlie Hunnam has officially stepped down from the part of Christian Grey in the upcoming film “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the hunt for a new leading man continues.

The question now is finding the right Grey to pair up with the film’s already-cast Anastasia Steele, his leading lady. “Now,”says the International Business Times, “the movie executives are scrambling to replace Hunnam while keeping the chemistry Johnson shared with him alive on-screen.”

This is a factor that has been extremely important to the film’s producers from the get-go.

E.L. James had hinted that she didn’t want to see any big name actors taking the role. In fact, although “Hunnam declared that his departure from the film was due to his ‘immersive TV schedule,’” reports the International Business Times, “the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ star really left the movie due to the overwhelming hype surrounding him as a known actor.”

Thus, the current top runners up for the role are “True Blood’s” Alexander Skarsgard and Australian actor Luke Bracey.

The film is still due to be released in theaters August 1, 2014, though we should hear who the new Christian Grey in within the next few weeks.

Source: International Business Times


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