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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Lily Collins, Jennifer Lawrence to Play Anastasia Steele and Kate Kavanagh?

It’s been reiterated many times over that E.L James and the producers of the upcoming “FIfty Shades of Grey” movie are looking to cast actors for each role that have believable chemistry with one another.

A number of casting rumors have circulated around the potential players for Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Another relationship that the filmmakers need tune into is the one between Anastasia Steele and her best friend, Kate Kavanagh.

The following are pairs of real life celebrity best friends that International Business Times thinks may be just perfect for the “Fifty Shades” roles:

Lily Collins as Anastasia Steele and Jennifer Lawrence as Kate Kavanagh

Demi Lovato as Anastasia Steele and Miley Cyrus as Kate Kavanagh

Nina Dobrev as Anastasia Steele and Julianne Hough as Kate Kavanagh

Selena Gomez as Anastasia Steele and Taylor Swift as Kate Kavanagh

Shailene Woodley as Anastasia Steele and Emma Stone as Kate Kavanagh

Shay Mitchell as Anastasia Steele and Ashley Benson as Kate Kavanagh

What do you think would be the best pairing?

Source: International Business Times


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