Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Liam and Chris Hemsworth to Play Christian and Elliot Grey?


The hunt for the most natural and believable actors for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey Movie continues. This time, real-life brothers Liam and Chris Hemsworth are up to bat for the potential roles of on-screen brothers Christian and Elliot Grey.

Other handsome actors battling for the role of Christian Grey have included Henry Cavill of "Man of Steel,” Matt Bomer of "White Collar,” and Ian Somerhalder from "Vampire Diaries.”

The concern, as with finding the perfect leading lady, is always a question of chemistry.

So, who better to play brothers than actual brothers?

The Hemsworth men might hold the key to the problem.

We wonder if there are any more brothers in question. How about the Hanson boys? Or perhaps even cousins? Do we hear Matt Damon and Ben Affleck anyone?

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Sources: International Business Times, Policy Mic


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