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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: James Franco For Christian Grey?

The casting remains up in the air for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but that hasn't stopped fans and reports about the movie from trickling out. The newest reports are that James Franco is reportedly dating Anastasia Steele front runner Emilia Clarke after being seen getting flirty at New York City's Randalls Island during the Frieze art fair.

Franco is not a fan favorite, but he has expressed interest in the role if Gus Van Sant was to direct. A few weeks ago, Van Sant reportedly did film a scene with Alex Pettyfer to present to the studio in a bid to direct.

"It sounds interesting, I heard Gus [Van Sant] might direct it," Franco said. "If he directed it, I'd do it."

Franco also wouldn't have a problem with the explicit material. He starred as Hugh Hefner in Lovelace, directed Interior, directed Leather Bar and produced a documentary about BDSM called Kink.

"I was fascinated by how they ran the place, how big it was, how intricate the props were and the sets and everything, but also just the dynamics there," Franco said about filming Kink. "Despite making very intense and extreme kinds of videos, the dynamic among all the workers was very warm and very connected."


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