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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Ian Somerhalder a Lock to Play Christian?

The casting process for Fifty Shades of Grey is taking a little while and fans are getting anxious. The book’s author E.L. James and her producers have been very secretive about their evaluation of candidates for the role, however Digital Times reports that James may have accidently hinted at her favorite—Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries.

A Feb. 19 tweet from @BookishTemptations, in response to a picture of a masked Somerhalder read, “All I can see of his face is his beautiful chiseled mouth and strong jaw.”

James replied to the tweet with a “:D,” indicating she doesn’t disapprove of the actor; however James recently told the New York Post not to expect a casting decision anytime soon.

Somerhalder is interested in the role of Christian but also understands that current speculation is hardly more than rumors at this point in time.

“Oh man, there’s nothing official,” he said. “It’s just talk. Yeah, there’s a website you can go to where you can just outfit your basement as a dungeon. So you know, I thought I’d get prepared, just in case.”

For now fans can continue to watch Somerhalder as the “bad boy” in Vampire Diaries.



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