Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie: Dakota Johnson Out as Anastasia Steele?


Now that the cast for “Fifty Shades of Grey” has been announced, a number of disappointed fans are voicing their opinions about the actors chosen to take on the seductive headlining roles for the film. Lately, Dakota Johnson, who has been slotted to play the female lead of Anastasia Steele, has been getting a lot of flack.

The biggest argument against Johnson is that she doesn’t quite seem to fit the mold for Steele that was set out in E.L. James’ books. "Dakota needs to GO!” says an anonymous fan. “She is not the petite, pretty. doe-eyed, dainty and innocent Ana in the books. She has super small eyes, too tall, boyish body (no assets!), elongated features and angular face that make her look really old for her age."

Granted, E.L. James did say that the cast that was to be selected for the film would not necessarily be the one fans were expecting, nor one they would necessarily agree with.

There has been a bit of resistance toward Charlie Hunnam as well, who has been selected to play the steamy lead of Christian Grey. The overarching argument for both of the actors’ successes in their respective roles, however, comes down to what James was seeking for her crew all along: undeniable chemistry.

The much-anticipated film rendition of “Fifty Shades of Grey” is set to be released in August of 2014.

Source: Enstarz


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