PR Guru Howard Bragman Reps Flight Attendant Steven Slater


Howard Bragman’s PR firm is called Fifteen Minutes and boy, isSteven Slater certainly enjoying his.

Howard could be just the person to help the Jet Blue flight attendant who lost his cool extend his time in the spotlight.

“I can officially confirm that I am now representing Steven Slater,” Bragman said in a statement. “While my work will include media relations, my team at Fifteen Minutes and I will be helping him sort out the scores of offers that have come through in the past week from media producers, brands and other interested parties.

“I very much believe that Steven touched a nerve with the American people and am proud to be helping him tell his story at the appropriate time in the appropriate way.”

Slater has been offered a job as host of a reality show featuring various disgruntled workers quitting their jobs in extravagant ways, according to TMZ.

The offer is said to have come from Stone and Company Entertainment, the reality show heavyweights behind such reality hits as Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style and Top Design, the website reported citing industry insiders.

Slater became an overnight internet folk hero after he got on the intercom of a packed JetBlue plane and cursed out an unruly passenger before quitting and allegedly grabbing two beers, deploying the emergency slide and sliding off the plane.

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