Female Talk Show Host Pranked with Penis Doodle On Air (Video)


Carrie Bickmore, co-host of Australian talk show "The Project," recently got pranked on the air with a penis doodle.

Bickmore's former co-host Charlie Pickering drew a penis on the back of Bickmore's script (and several others), reports Ninemsn.com.au.

Bickmore was unaware of the joke while she read from the script, but could be heard laughing from the set as the show came to an end, noted Mediaite.com (video below).

Pickering later admitted the prank via Twitter.

Bickmore was good-natured and tweeted in response, "OMG! So embarrassed! Was laughing with audience in the break about what @charliepick signed at the end of every show!"

Sources: Ninemsn.com.au, Mediaite.com, Twitter


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