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Bathtub Murder Victim was Designer Sylvie Cachay

The woman who was found in a New York hotel room bathtub, apparently strangled to death, has been identified as fashion designer Sylvie Cachay.

Sylvie had recently broken up with Nicholas Brooks, but the pair of them checked into the hotel together that night. Friends of Sylvie have said that Nicholas was awful to Sylvie and that he was messed up. It is unclear why they would check into a hotel room together, but other reports have said there may have been smoke in her apartment building that night, so she wanted to stay in a hotel.

The police did finally track down Nicholas and have spoken to him, but he was released without being charged.

Yesterday I said she had been found fully clothed in the bathtub, but today, it is being reported she was found in a shirt and panties, and several bottles of prescription pills were also found in the room. They were full, though.

Also, the reason the body was discovered was not because of a maid, but because there was water leaking in the room below.


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