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Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape Gets 2 Million Views in 12 Hours, Beats Kim's Tape

Farrah Abraham's sex tape has already made porn video history, as it attracted over 2 million views in the first 12 hours, successfully beating Kim and Ray J's sex tape record of 600,000 views in 12 hours.

The video also caused Vivid Entertainment's site to crash. It was offline for 9 minutes, but the company was able to get back online after tapping into additional servers.

They are now selling her 70 minute film again.

To celebrate, Farrah took a photo of herself next to a stretch Rolls Royce limo with the words, "Well, I can't Drink & Drive so why #NOT Roll in this :)"

She has said that she does not intend to watch the final video, as she enjoys her unedited version.

"I've made my business deal and now the hold the rights and can edit and alter the movie in whatever way they wish," she said. "That might make it more pornographic in order to suit their adult entertainment fans. Therefore, I'd rather stick to watching my version because that is what I had control over. I am happy with it as a keepsake."

Sources: Starcasm


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