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Fans Refuse To Forgive MLB Pitcher Over Missing Big Game To Be There For His Child's Birth


Daniel Hudson, the 32-year old Washington Nationals pitcher, has gone absent on the Game 1 of this Friday’s National League Championship Series.

According to various multiple sources, the star athlete had just returned home to Arizona just before the Saturday morning playoffs in St. Louis for Game 2, in order to witness the birth of his third daughter, who was named Millie, along with his then-pregnant and laboring wife Sara.


Hudson’s actions had gained a lot of reactions from the fans, and most of them were of support for his parental love for his family. Similar to the parental leave advocate Alexis Ohanian, Ohanian praises Hudson on his Instagram post, where he captions:

Boss moves by Daniel Hudson missing Game 1 of the #NLCS for #paternityleave to be there for the birth of his daughter. I’m buying his jersey right now.”

Albeit all the support, however, her was also faced with great backlash and controversy as Former Miami Marlins president David Samson also tweeted:

“Unreal that Daniel Hudson is on paternity list and missing game 1 of #NLCS. Only excuse would be a problem with the birth or health of baby or mother. If all is well, he needs to get to St. Louis. Inexcusable. Will it matter? #waittosee.”


In response to the issue, the 36-year old Ohanian and other people had come to his defense and retaliated, where a woman named Jill had asked: “So, you’re saying his wife should be able to handle childbirth, alone, without her husband there, but his team of 40 guys can’t handle one playoff baseball game? In 2019, this is really what you’re saying?”

Another user wrote: “I would miss game 7 of the World Series for the birth of my baby,” another fan tweeted, while a third said, “Birth of a baby is a good reason to miss a game. For some, it’s the only child they could ever have. Life is short, live it!”


Even without Hudson, the Nationals had won Game 1 over the St. Louis Cardinals with a streak of 2 - 0, and when he returned, finally clinched the game with a 3-1 win.

Sources: People / Photo Credit: Hai.ersdward95

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