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Fans Blast Ellie Goulding For Allegedly Racist, Insensitive Costume

Like many people across the globe, pop star Ellie Goulding took to social media on Halloween to show off her costume. Her getup, a Native American ensemble featuring an elaborate headpiece, was a hit with many fans. But for every “like” Goulding elicited on Instagram, there was a comment bashing her costume as racially insensitive and offensive.

“Oh Ellie,” one commenter wrote. “I’m so disappointed. No different than wearing blackface.”

Other fans shared similarly harsh words.

“Next time don’t mock a dying race you insensitive and ignorant excuse of a person,” the fan said.

Goulding’s response was brief and unaggressive: “I only wore that beautiful and unauthentic headpiece for about five minutes,” she wrote on Twitter. She also said she’ll be donating money to Running Strong, an organization that gives grants to young Native Americans.

Crystal Speer, a representative from the Native American Heritage Association, says her organization has no official response to the controversy. She did offer a personal opinion, though.

“I do think the reaction is a bit much,” she told MailOnline. “People these days will jump at anything to get offended at.”

Conservative parliament member Philip Davies had some much more pointed words for Goulding’s critics.

“I never cease to be amazed at how easily people will take offence – and usually this is white, middle-class, Guardian-reading, sandal-wearing, politically correct do-gooders who are offended on someone else’s behalf,” Davies said. “The people concerned are never usually offended themselves.”


Sources: MailOnline, Independent

Photo: Ellie Goulding, Instagram


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