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Lady Gaga's Literal Heart-Stopping Performance

Lady Gaga sure does have some die-hard fans!

One of Gaga’s ‘Little Monsters’ had to be resuscitated after her heart stopped for five minutes during the Judas singer’s concert in Nashville this week.

Crystal Thornton, from Lyles, Tennessee, and her pal Christina Tugman headed to Gaga’s Monster Ball on Tuesday when she had a seizure.

CNN reports that Thornton went into cardiac arrest during the show’s opening act.

“She stopped breathing, her eyes rolled back in her head, and her body started twitching,” said Tugman.

“I was asking if she was OK, and she wasn’t responding.”

Tugman said she ran to the lobby to get help.

Jerry Jones, an EMT supervisor with Vanderbilt University’s LifeFlight Event Medicine programme, swiftly arrived at the scene.

“[She] was unconscious with no heartbeat,” he said as he was joined by other paramedics.

Using a portable automated external defribillator, Jones and the paramedics spent five minutes until they were finally able to get Thornton’s heart beating again.

She was then airlifted to an area hospital. Her condition was said to be ‘stable’ as of Friday afternoon.

While Thornton’s thankful she’s alive, she does have one major disappointment.

“I am so mad I missed the concert,” she said.

Check out Lady Gaga’s Gagavision no. 43 below:



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