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Fan Miguel Landed On At Billboard Music Awards May Have Brain Damage

The fan that Miguel landed on during his infamous leg drop at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards may be suffering from brain damage and may sue.

"Some of the difficulties she's experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury," Vip Bhola, Khyati Shah's lawyer said.

Miguel landed on Shah's head after he attempted to stage dive into the crowd. After the incident, Miguel immediately expressed concern for Shah and said that he "got caught up in the moment," but that Shah was "okay."

However, that is reportedly not the case as Shah's lawyer explains that instead of immediately being taken to the hospital, Shah was given an ice pack that was designed for an elbow.

Shah is currently undergoing tests from a neurologist and when results come back will weigh whether or not to file a lawsuit.


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