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'Family Feud' Contestant Says Doctor Would Pull 'Gerbil' Out Of Person (Video)

"Family Feud" host Steve Harvey recently asked two contestants from their respective families to “name something a doctor might pull out of a person."

A female contestant named Marci replied, "A gerbil," which elicited Harvey's well-known shocked and stunned look that he often gives after asking a leading question, noted (video below).

The other contestant, Manny, burst into laughter.

As Harvey glared Marci, she added, "I didn't say that," reports USA Today.

Harvey assured Marci that she did say it and repeated her answer several times much to her embarrassment.

The answer did not appear on the game show's board, bringing a collective "Awwwwww..." from the audience.

Sources: USA Today,
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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