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‘Family Feud’ Contestant Christie Gives Awkward Wrong Answer to Zombie Question (Video)

A contestant on the popular game show “Family Feud” gave an uncomfortably wrong answer to what should have been a simple question.

The family-style game show asks contestants to name the most popular answers to questions that have already been answered by a 100-person survey. Contestants are forced to respond quickly, with very little time to give the questions much thought.

Such was the case with contestant Christie, whose answer has received mixed responses.

When asked to name something she knows about zombies, Christie blurted the first thing that came to mind — and it wasn’t the obvious “they’re dead.”

“They’re black!” said Christie (video below).

An awkward silence immediately ensued. Host Steve Harvey appeared speechless, and both the audience and members of the opposing team laughed in apparent disbelief.

Needless to say, Christie’s answer was not on the board.

A video of the awkward response can be seen below.

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