Fake Chef Tricks Local News Shows into Eating Gross Leftovers (Funny Video)


Chef Keith Guerke appeared on five morning TV shows in Wisconsin and Illinois after Thanksgiving last year to promote his (fake) new cookbook.

Chef Keith took old leftovers from Thanksgiving dinners and mixed them up in a blender and made a horrible grayish smoothie-type drink (video below).

Local news hosts, who drank these gross concoctions on camera, were unaware that Chef Keith was not a chef, but rather  prankster Nick Prueher, notes Deadspin.com.

"I am self-taught. I did not go to culinary school," Prueher told a local reporter. "I'm kinda unconventional."

Prueher asked a female reporter to make boom box noises so he could rap about his distasteful leftover dishes.

In reality, Prueher is a co-creator of the "Found Footage Festival," which begins touring this week with "odd and hilarious found videos."

Prueher said it was easy to get on local morning shows in the Midwest because they are all desperate for holiday programming.

Sources: Found Footage Festival and Deadspin.com


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