F-Bomb, S-Bomb Dropped on Live Detroit TV Broadcast (Video)


NBC Detroit was broadcasting its live pre-game show for the Winter Classic hockey game yesterday from Ann Arbor, Mich. when open mics caught some profanity.

One segment opened with a "Special Edition, Red Alert" graphic and an outside shot of Michigan Stadium.

There was some confusion as to whose mic was on when sportscaster Bernie Smilovitz said, "C'mon, man, what do you want us to f----- do?" reports Deadspin.com (video below).

Later, in the broadcast, the s-bomb was dropped by sportscaster Mickey Redmond, who was reminiscing about the bad weather, notes BobsBlitz.com (video below).

"It'll take you back to your roots when you were growing up and you had to grab the shovel, clean the ice off yourself, drop the puck and just play s----y," said Redmond.

Sources: Deadspin.com and BobsBlitz.com


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