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Simon Cowell Picks George Michael as "X Factor USA" Judge?

According to our sources, Simon Cowell is set to unveil George Michael as the new X Factor USA judge early next year. He will join Simon, Cheryl Cole (possibly) and one more TBC person - still likely to be a female American.

The idea was spawned when George sang with last year's X Factor winner Joe McElderry, and got traction at a recent meeting at George's house when Jonathan Ross joined the pair to explore potential ideas for a TV special.

Let's be honest - this is one of the best ideas Simon Cowell has ever had.

George Michael is f***ing brilliant when he isn't doing snoozy jazz ballads and/or smoking bifters, and is still massively popular both here and in the USA.

Oddly though, another name that was seriously considered to the point of some sit-down meetings was non-other than Will Smith, which would have been equally as amazing. The filming and promo of Men In Black 3 got in the way, though - making it unlikely he will step in fulltime - but expect an appearance at some point in the season.

So who will join George (if our source is correct), Simon, and Cheryl? Well - we would have put our money on Katy Perry - but she's since announced a whole load of UK tour dates during October 2011, which would clash with the show, so instead we're shoving the house on it being Nicole Scherzinger.

We asked Simon's slightly scary press person about all this. They said:

"No final decision has been made yet."


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