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Ex-Wife Posed Next to Gary Coleman in Hospital Photos, Then Sold Them

How sick and sad is this?

Sources say three of four hospital photos -- which Gary's ex-wife, Shannon Price, orchestrated  -- may hit stands as early as this week.

One of the photos that sold: Shannon posing next to a bedridden Gary, who is riddled with tubes.

As TMZ first reported, Shannon will get a cut of the profits. Karma will rear its ugly head...just you wait!

Shannon Price hired a production company to take a series of photos of her ex-husband in his hospital bed hooked up to a ventilation machine, TMZ reports.

According to the gossip Web site, the photos have been sold to an unnamed tabloid and could appear next week.

The image showing the "Diff'rent Strokes" star after he was taken off life support was not part of the deal.

The reported asking price for the photos was in the low five figures, and Price will get a share of the profits.

Coleman was hospitalized on May 26 due to a brain hemorrhage caused by an accident at his Utah home. He died two days later at the age of 42.



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