Ex-NBC Employee Claims Bill Cosby Gave Him Money to Pay Off Women


Former NBC employee Frank Scotti recently claimed that comedian Bill Cosby gave him thousands of dollars to pay off women whom Cosby allegedly had sex with.

Scotti worked as the facilities manager at the NBC studios in Brooklyn, N.Y., during "The Cosby Show."

“He had everybody fooled,” Scotti told the New York Daily News. “Nobody suspected.”

Scotti added that he has come forward because, “I felt sorry for the women."

Scotti said Cosby told him to deliver money to eight women, one of whom was allegedly Shawn Thompson, whose daughter Autumn Jackson has claimed that Cosby is her father.

“I was suspicious that something was going on,” recalled Scotti. “I suspected that he was having sex with them because the other person he was sending money to [Thompson] he was definitely having sex with."

“Why else would he be sending money?” added Scotti. “He was sending these women $2,000 a month. What else could I think?”

Scotti did produce copies of money orders, which he claimed were bought with “a satchel of money, all $100 bills,” from Cosby. The money orders were made out to the eight women in Scotti's name.

“I did a lot of crazy things for him,” stated Scotti. “He was covering himself by having my name on it. It was a coverup. I realized it later.”

Scotti claimed that Cosby had deal set up with a New York City modeling agency that would bring women, some as young as 16, to his dressing room at "The Cosby Show."

Cosby would allegedly meet the group of women and the modeling agency owner in his dressing room, then select one of the girls for a private audition, claimed Scotti.

“The owner [of the modeling agency] just walked right out,” stated Scotti. “She knew exactly what was going to go on. Then he’d tell me, ‘Stand outside the door and don’t let anyone in.’ Now you put that together and figure why.”

Scotti also said that Cosby told him to find an apartment in Queens for a model by calling Donald Trump's brother.

“It bothered me," stated Scotti. "You’ve got all of these kids, every time. I used to like him, but that’s the reason I quit him after so many years, because of the girls.”

“He was a very selfish person,” added Scotti. “He thought he was a genius. He thought he was better than everybody else.”

However, Martin Singer, Cosby's lawyer, told the New York Daily News, “What evidence does he have of Mr. Cosby’s involvement? How would Scotti know if a woman was a model or a secretary? It appears that his story is pure speculation so that he can get his 15 minutes of fame.”

Scotti is 90 years old.

Uproxx.com reports that an unidentified source said that when Cosby would appear on "The Late Show With David Letterman," the comedian would allegedly request that young girls, interns and assistants, show up in the green room of the talk show and watch him eat curry.

Sources: Uproxx.com, New York Daily News / Image Credit: United States Navy photo by Mr. Scott King


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