Evidence Suggests Grand Theft Auto V May Be Released for PC


According to a recent Xbox 360 hack, Grand Theft Auto Vmay make a PC appearance, contributing to the mounting evidence already supporting the release.

Gamers have taken to bit-torrent sites and put codes of early releases of GTA V to download and burn to illegal copies. The PC code was discovered on those sites, where the Xbox 360 code contains hints of PC code.

A paste bin file on Reddit indicated settings for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and PS4, meaning the game could be heading to the next generation consoles.

While the code lines could have been leftover accidentally after Rockstar decided to dismiss the idea of converting the game to PC, the record-breaking first day sales could have changed their minds.

The game sold $800 million worth of copies during its first day.

Additionally, Senior IR Director of Nvidia Chris Evenden casually mentioned in August that GTA V would be released for PC, despite Rockstar’s denial.

A Change.org petition demanding that GTA V be brought to PC has accumulated 470,000 signatures.

"GTA games have been a large part of so many people's lives,” the petition reads, noting that it would be a shame not to release the game on “the most powerful” platform.

Sources: IncGamers, CraveOnline


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