Photo: Even Brazilian Drug Lords Love Justin Bieber

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It just goes to show you that the Biebz’ reach goes further than you or I could’ve possibly imagined!

Apparently there’s a Brazilian drug lord out there with a fetish for all things Justin Bieber.

After authorities swept in and raided the place, they found a Bieber mural on the wall.

Gawker reports:

Pezao, whom The Guardian describes as “one of the area’s top traffickers,” is apparently also one of the area’s top Justin Bieber fans. Brazilian news outlet R7 published the above photo, as well as several others documenting the narcos’ “mansions.” They’ll need to update for Bieber’s new haircut, obviously.

Obviously, they forgot that Justin got a hair cut recently, so the new cartel leader will have to do it up right. I guess not all of his fans are twelve-year-old girls who try to mob him wherever he goes… Some kingpins enjoy “One Time” just as much as your daughters. Ha!

I wonder what Justin thinks about that? His music could influence some pretty powerful bad guys out there. Craziness!

Who knew?!??

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