Evan Rachel Wood Wears Pubic Wig for New HBO Series

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Evan Rachel Wood spent months preparing for her role in the upcoming HBO mini-series ‘Mildred Pierce,’ working with dialect coaches and piano teachers. Foregoing her normal waxing routine, however, was apparently asking too much.

The young starlet, who plays Vampire Queen Sophie-Anne in the hit series True Blood, told Julie Zied of The Zeidgeist she was nervous about her nude scene in the final installment of the five-part depression-era series.

Although actually, she wasn’t fully nude in the frontal scene. On the advice of co-star Kate Winslet, she wore a merkin for authenticity sake. What’s a merkin, you ask?

“Let’s just say, I had to wear a wig because it was in the 30s, and everything had to look like it was in the 30s,” the 23-year old was kind enough to explain.

Unsurprisingly, such pubic hair pieces are readily available on the internet.

Mildred Pierce” premieres Sunday, March 27 on HBO. In the meantime, Wood is busy filming The Ides of March, in which she stars alongside George Clooney, Paul Giamatti, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Marisa Tomei. The drama, directed and co-writen by Clooney, is due to hit theaters this fall.

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