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Eva Mendes Shops at Sex Store?

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Here's a picture of Eva Mendes with a little smirk on her sexy lips while carrying a bag from Kiki de Montparnasse, which, according to the internet, is a 'sex emporium'. What's she been buying, hey? Some 'micro thin sheaths'? Some 'silicone travel lubricant'? A 'play paddle'? 'Braided whip'? 'French maid outfit'? No. Inside her bag is a model of a human skull. OH.

It's not even on the store's website so we presume it came from a secret back room that deals with stuff we don't even know about.

Or maybe it's so Ryan can reenact that scene from Drive where he stamps on a man's skull? They're a couple of sickos either way. Sexy sickos, mind you.


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