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Eva Longoria's Vegas Restaurant Goes Bankrupt

Eva Longoria has had her fair share of ups and downs lately.

There’s her upcoming divorce from ex husband Tony Parker, the potential headache, and possible heartache, with friend (with probable benefits) Eduardo, Penelope Cruz’s little brother. And now, to complete the triad, her co-investors in her Las Vegas based restaurant, Beso, and nightclub, Eva, have filed for bankruptcy.

Longoria opened her first restaurant in Hollywood in 2008. A year later she went into partnership with Todd English, and they established another restaurant and night club in Las Vegas.

That appears to have not worked out, as the business has racked up debts totaling close to $5.7 million. Reports say that Longoria, who owns one third of the business, has extended a $1million loan to the company and covered legal fees of $375,000.

In a bid to keep the venue open, it was decided to file for bankruptcy. Legal papers were filed last Thursday.

And what do you do when things look down? Try and find a positive angle.

Longoria hot footed it to Vegas two days after the bankruptcy announcement and held a saucy photo shoot in her restaurant. She tweeted, “Hi everyone! I’m back! In Vegas at Beso doing a photo shoot! More pictures to come!” accompanied by a smouldering snap of her in some lacy get-up. One more snap here.

Ooh la la, if that publicity doesn’t work for the venue, not sure what else will. Myself, I would rather see photos of the food and the menu, thank you.


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