Estella Warren Charged With 4 Crimes After Police Station DUI Escape


Here is an interesting fact from the Estella Warren debacle last month. You know when she embarrassed a police station full of police by slipping out of her handcuffs and out the door while dead drunk? It turns out that since she had not been booked yet, that it does not count as an escape and she was not charged with that crime which would have been the biggest one against her.

The District Attorney charged Estella with drunk driving, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and hit and run. If she were convicted on every charge her total maximum time in jail would be 2.5 years. So, in Los Angeles, that translates to about 60 days, but with good behavior, over crowding and a good lawyer, the County is going to make a deal with Estella where they will pay her not to go to jail and buy her a bottle of booze.

I think she is realistically looking at probation and some community service which she has plenty of time for. It is not like she is actually working. Well, working on movies. She does have a different kind of job.


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