Actress Estella Warren Kicks Cop, Flees During DUI Arrest

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Remember her from Planet of the Apes who wasn't Helena Bonham Carter? No? Well, Estella Warren is her name and she's either massively desperate for a new action role or just dare devilling BONKERS - she got arrested in Los Angeles after allegedly crashing her car, then kicked a cop and then escaped police custody out of the back door! Mother-f***ing-butt-kicking-b***h - cast her in the 24 movie right now.

According to reports, the Canadian actress was detained late last night after allegedly slamming her Toyota Prius into three parked cars. She's then said to have driven away, although police caught up and gave her a DUI, prompting Warren to kick the cop. She was swiftly taken to the station in handcuffs where she apparently managed to free herself during the booking process and escape out of the back door. Amazing.

HOWEVER, before you ponder the punishment involved for harbouring a fugitive, she was recaptured and booked for felony escape on top of the assault, hit and run and DUI charge.

TMZ claims her booking sheet shows that bail was set at $100,000 and that she is currently being held by the LAPD traffic division.

Driving a Prius, good - driving it hammered, BAD. Seriously, when's LA going to get a branch of Addison Lee?


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