Eric Roberts in Rehab for Addiction to Medical Marijuana?

Eliza Roberts, Eric Roberts' wife, sat down with E! News and discussed why exactly Eric Roberts checked into Celebrity Rehab. She says that he got seriously dependent on prescription pot. Eric kicked drugs and alcohol in 1995, but she said that he has always had some anxiety. Probably not like Star 80 anxiety, but still, he had some, so he tried pills, but they didn't work, so he got a prescription for pot.

"He uses marijuana as a medication. He has a prescription," Eliza explains. "However, a dependency is a dependency, and he doesn't want to be dependent on it anymore."

She also says that Eric does talk to Julia.

As for the publicist, they make it sound like this is just something fun to do to make a couple of bucks and be on a reality show. "It is NOT for any serious drug/substance, or prescription drug abuse problem," reads the statement. "Eric wishes to express his genuine thanks for the concern for his well being, and appreciates the support of his family, friends and fans."

Umm, wouldn't you say that if you are dependent on a drug, that it is serious? It does not matter if it is pot, purple drink, or Crystal Light ice tea, if you are dependent on something, I think that is serious. And look how they use all CAPS for the NOT. Why are they yelling? They should probably go smoke some pot.


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