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Neil Patrick Harris and Soap Star Fight Over “D-Bag” Remark

Young & the Restless actor Eric Braeden has responded to Neil Patrick Harris’ Twitter comments that he is a “douchebag” for deciding (last minute) to not appear on How I Met Your Mother.

This is the NPH tweet that started the feud between the two actors:

“Eric Braeden is a D-Bag. the actor, (Robin’s dad) agreed to a cameo, then last night bailed, saying the part wasn’t ’substantial’ enough.”

Eric Braeden spoke with EW regarding Harris’ comments, and he is none too pleased about them. He said: “I really don’t know who that fellow is. He’s a guy who stars in that series. It’s very unfortunate. First of all, I came back from hip surgery. I was off for three weeks. I’ve doubled my work, 30 to 50 pages a day for me, alone. Everyone knows that I’m exhausted. I was not about to appear on a show for two lines, because that’s what it amounted to.”

Braeden says he canceled last minute because he learned how small his role was the day before he was scheduled to appear on set.

This was to be Eric Braeden’s second appearance on How I Met Your Mother. In November 2008 he played Robin’s dad in one episode.

“I truly enjoyed working there last time,” Braeden said. “The cast and crew and producers couldn’t have been nicer.”

Since Neil Patrick Harris’ scathing tweet, Braeden is probably glad he canceled the gig. Responding to Harris’ comments, Braeden had a few things of his own to say about NPH. He said: “His choice of words bothered me. It seems to me like a young whippersnapper, having seen himself on a few covers, who’s received a few awards, is now suddenly suffering from the first signs of hubris. I’ve been in the business for 50 years. I’ve seen people come and go and I’m still here.”

He continued: “If he is a worthy adversary, he’d better not cross my path. I will let bygones be bygones.”

It seems Neil Patrick Harris ultimately regretted his “douchebag” tweet. A few hours after posting it he wrote: ”Now I feel bad for the D-bag comment. Don’t know the guy personally. I’m just fiercely protective of our show.”


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