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Emotional WWI-Themed Commercial Goes Viral (Video)

A moving new commercial by Sainsbury’s, a large supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, has gone viral worldwide over the past several days. The ad is set on Christmas Eve of 1914, when troops fighting in the trenches of World War I agreed on a series of unofficial truces.

In the commercial, the fighting soldiers can be seen greeting each other, then playing a game of soccer and ultimately returning to their posts after exchanging gifts.

Viewers unanimously agreed that the ad is among the best they have ever seen.

“This advert is wonderful. The best by far this year,” one wrote. “It’s a marvel, it really is. Such a thoughtful and poignant message that everyone can get along and be nice to each other despite wars going on.”

“The best part about this is that it really happened,” wrote another person.

According to The Blaze, the proceeds from the items featured in the commercial will go to benefit organizations that help the armed forces.

Source: The Blaze / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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