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Emma Watson Wax Figure Unveiled

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Don't misunderstand us, this waxwork of Emma Watson is definitely one of the better ones we've seen (poor old Robert Pattinson), but there's still something a little off about it. Maybe it's the jaw, or maybe it's just Emma Watson, but something here seems amiss.

Not to worry though, they've seemingly put her on a seat in Madame Tussauds in London so you can go and sit as close to her as you'd like*, examining every inch of her waxy face. It's almost as if you could sit there and pretend that she was your girlfriend, except one that's very quiet, totally immobile and cold. SOUNDS FAMILIAR EH, Peter Andre**?

If these don't tickle your fancy however, perhaps a trip to our famous Emma  Watson Naked section will cheer you up. You won't be the first to visit though, only yesterday someone managed to find it by putting 'Amma Watshion Tits' into Google search. Thank you, Japan.

Finally; something something Emma Watson's acting something something waxwork would do a better job something something.

*We have no idea whether you can sit next to her or not.

**We're not suggesting at any point that lacklustre hitmaker Peter Andre has sex with dead people.


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