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Eminem Participates in Awkward Interview During ESPN’s Michigan-Notre Dame Halftime Show (Video)

Eminem didn’t become the most commercially viable rapper in music history by doing what people wanted him to do. The 40-year-old has defied common wisdom and generally accepted standards of common decency for over 15 years, and expecting to change now is ridiculous.

On Saturday night, during halftime of Michigan-Notre Dame, Eminem appeared in the booth with Kerk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger. The whole thing was a hilarious trackwreck from the onset, probably by design, and left folks at home with several notable questions: 1.) Was Eminem high?; 2.) Were Herbstreit and Musburger in on the bit?; and 3.) Will this interview make everyone forget the fact that ‘Berzerk’ wouldn’t even make a blip on the radar if another rapper had put it out?

While we can’t answer any of those questions, we can provide the video of Eminem’s appearance. Check it out below.


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