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Eminem Inspires Bandmates to do Yoga

"Recovery" rapper Eminem has been influencing his D12 bandmates on how to relax with his new enlightened self. D12 members, which is a troupe of rappers formed by Eminem and a bunch of his friends, are attributing their radically changed lifestyle to the "8 Mile" rapper.

Bizarre, a D12 member, has revealed:

I've been going through a stressful time and Em and the guys know we need to have downtime. He's been giving me advice.

These days I'm a big fisherman and family guy. I'm also a big lottery player.

I've been to yoga too after Em showed me it but the fishing I do on my own.

I'm looking forward to coming to Scotland. I've been a few times before to do trout fishing. I once caught 23 fish there in one day."

Good for Eminem for getting on the right track and helping others. Surprisingly, as hardcore as Eminem can be, I can picture him doing yoga, can you? Do you think this will hurt his badass rapper image?

For the rest of the interview with Bizarre on his changed ways and music wishes, continue here.


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