Emily VanCamp Describes Her Perfect Boyfriend

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Emily VanCamp, who plays Emily Thorne on ABC's Revenge is looking for her, "real life one."

What she isn't interested in is a long distance relationship after she and he ex-boyfriend Vampire Diaries star Joseph Morgan broke it off over the distance factor.

On the cover of Flare magazine the actress tells the magazine,

"I'm working non-stop in L.A., he's working in Atlanta. It kind of makes it impossible. It doesn't take away from the love that two people have, and I think he's extraordinary."

As for her show Revenge, where she juggles two suitors Jack and her fiance Daniel life isn't about art. What does she look for in a perfect boyfriend?

"It's all about making me laugh. I can be quite serious sometimes so laughing is key. I think it's important to be with a guy who has a strong sense of integrity. That's how I was raised, and that's something I look for. And humility. I think people who lack humility are really annoying."

Could you be that guy, her perfect boyfriend?!!


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