Emilia Clarke Refusing To Do Nude Scenes For 'Game of Thrones,' Is 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' No Longer A Possibility?

Emilia Clarke is reportedly refusing to do anymore nude scenes on Game of Thrones according to The Sun.

“[Oona Chaplin] revealed a leading actress has told the show’s bosses she will not take part in more topless scenes,” The Sun reported. "[Chaplin] refused to name the actress, but there has been speculation that it could be Emilia Clarke."

“One of the girls in the show who got her kit off the most in the first couple of seasons now doesn’t at all because she said, ‘I want to be known for my acting not for my breasts,'" Chaplin reportedly told The Telegraph.

So what does this mean for Clarke's chances of playing Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? Not much, according to Gossip Cop, because it is “completely untrue."


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