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Elton John Wants to Adopt Another Child

Elton John is eager to have another child as he remembers what it was like to be an only child growing up.

He and David Furnish are proud parents of Zachary Furnish-John and Elton remembers sitting alone in his room during his youth and listening to music if his parents were arguing. He thinks it is hard enough being an only child never mind the only child of someone famous. A sibling for Zachary would mean that he would have someone to be with.

He also admitted to The Guardiannewspaper that a sibling would help smooth over any uncomfortable situations given that they have two dads. He is anticipating that at school Zachary will have to deal with a lot of pressure from people about the fact that he has two fathers. A sibling would be able to back him up and help deal with such pressures.

Until then, Elton has admitted that Zachary is “so straight” as he’s kissed the housekeeper’s daughter and plays football. His only concern for his son is that his fans are spoiling Zachary silly. For instance, at Christmas he and Furnish gave him a combined birthday and Christmas present, but he received so many presents from fans – which Elton admits was touching – it was “obscene/"


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