Ed Sheeran Says Their Is Still Drama Between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles


Taylor Swift and One Direction's, Harry Styles, broke up months ago, but according to Ed Sheeran, who is currently on tour with Swift, their is still "drama" between the two.

[It's still] "trouble, trouble, trouble" between the two according to Life & Style magazine.

“I’m like Switzerland," Sheeran said. "If you talk to one about the other, the drama starts!”

Styles and Swift seemed to go through a bad breakup, as it has been reported that Swift has slammed Styles publically through performances on several occasions.

He wants nothing more to do with Taylor,” a source told Life & Style. “It was a fling and it’s done.”

Since their split, Swift has been linked to a few guys, even Sheeran himself.

“I think whenever she’s pictured with someone, people will say that she’s dating them, whoever they are,” Sheeran told Piers Morgan Live. “I think you can be friends with someone without having to sleep with them. I’ve got morals.”


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